2nd Grade

Second Grade

When your child reaches the 2nd Grade, they are more used to the school environment. They are now ready to for serious learning and they know how to apply what they have learned in the previous grade.

Language Arts

  • Literature and Comprehension – A guided reading approach builds comprehension strategies and gradually transitions students to independent reading assignments. Level reading selections progressively expose students to new challenges including greater length, more complex content, and new vocabulary. The emphasis is on classic literature from many cultures, poetry, and non-fiction articles. Students also make their own reading choices to help foster a lifelong love of reading.
  • Writing Skills: Students learn about parts of speech, usage, capitalization, and punctuation, then apply this knowledge as they write sentences and paragraphs. Students are introduced to the process of writing, as they pre-write, draft, revise, and proofread their work before they share it with others. Written products include letters, poems, literature reviews, research reports, and presentations.
  • Vocabulary: Students increase their vocabulary through word study, comprehension, and word analysis, and then apply their knowledge in a variety of authentic contexts.
  • Spelling: Students continue their exploration of spelling conventions with lessons in sound-symbol relationships and patterns.
  • Handwriting: Helps students develop printing skills and, if appropriate, begin cursive handwriting.